Sunday, September 5, 2010

#276 - What did I do?

Usually I would visit Nuffnang to check my hits etc.

And then usually I would see where my readers mostly come from.

And USUALLY (again) I would see this pie chart.

So boring so ugly with only 2 colours.
And see the majority are Singaporeans.
Then sometimes will have a few from Philippines/Indonesia/United States because I've Plurk friends from there.
Note: This pie chart is for one week worth of readers coming to my blog.

Then as usual, I went to check my blog hits and where my readers came from just for today.
And I realized I got like lots of hits. For only one day.
That didn't really shock me much.
What really shocked me is this:

Ignoring the common ones, why in the world would people in Mexico, South Africa, Poland, Columbia, Canada, Sweden and UK come to my blog?!
And this is for only ONE DAY worth!

This is my first time I see my pie chart so colourful, 10 colours leh!!! LOL.
PS: I think the peachy pink for Sweden looks quite nice. :D

I only blog about Daiso shopping yesterday.
Should be Japan people coming over here right? :P

And the saddest thing is this few days, Nuffnang never give ads to click.
So even if the readers come and they feel kind to help me earn kaching, they've nothing to click.
It's time you give me ads man, dear Nuffnang!

Omg what did I do?

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