Thursday, November 18, 2010

#313 - Friendship

(Updated with entry below) 


With LJS cheese, I am a happy girl! :D

I realized that I have a slight V shaped now!
Ignore the outbreaks and my oily face (just got home from school).

Why I so happy?

When I was in Primary 5, I had rosy cheeks and slight baby fats.

When I was in Sec 1, I had super fair skin and my face is V Shaped lor.
Then in Sec 3, my whole face shape became ROUND.
And screwed fringe.

See? In just 2 years, my whole face BOOMED.

Wanted to put up my NRIC shot as well but too embarrassed already.
Because it's like wayyyyy rounder than the Sec 3 one.

Lucky now slightly better.
Except there are still fats at the cheeks area.
Okay actually this photo still a bit fat.
Refer to the cheese photo then.

Need to get rid of them asap!!!
Haha, don't tell me to leave them there because very nice to pinch. -.-

Okay this is a very random entry!
Goodbye and click the ads at the top and the sidebar if you haven't.
Have a nice day/night! :)

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