Thursday, December 2, 2010

#321 - For Lynette

Hey girl, it's your day today! :)
And obviously this entry is dedicated to you!

Happy Birthday!
*throws confetti*
You're finally 18, a legal age! :D
And although now is not the right time for you to enjoy it, I hope you are feeling the joy of being 18!
Don't worry, we will celebrate our birthdays together when Raine comes back like how we did last year! :)
Think of the time we have now that As are long over!

Endure on till Sunday and you can officially feel happy!
Stay strong for now!
It may be stormy now but it can't rain forever.

Times may be hard but don't worry, because everything will be fine in the end.
And if you are questioning yourself why such bad things always happen, it's your 命! :P

Well this is a part and parcel of your life and everyone of us has our own problems to face.
So see it as an obstacle you have to pass so that you can see the light again!

Life is very short,
So enjoy every moment.

You will have your chance of enjoyment very soon!
So hang on!
And please remain positive and be happy once again!

(Don't need stuff like 'Stay pretty' or 'May you grow prettier' because you already pretty enough le)

Last long with LBB because I want to attend you 2's wedding!
Can be bridesmaid too!

Hahahaha, and we need to go out soon!
Lots of things not done.
Sushi making session, kite flying, IKEA, JE Cafe eating, Seoul Garden buffet, Sakae Sushi buffet and many more! :)

I can't wait and I hope you feel the same too!
Friends forever and once again, a happy birthday to you!

On a side note, we really need to take photos together.
Out of the so many outings, I can only find 3. -.-
It's either it's the 3 of us in the photo or that you took photos with Raine.
A bit unwilling to put the talentime's one too, my fake eyelashes dropping. LOL.

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