Wednesday, December 1, 2010

#320 - Contacts

I know I've mentioned this before but I am saying this again:

Hehe and so the day after As, I had LJS for brunch! :)

 Beary Hot Combo with Jr. Fish and 2pcs Chicken, Fries and Drink.

You get a bear if you upsize your drink and pay $1.80 more.
LOL the bear not cute one.
And I trying not to laugh when I said 'One Beary Hot Combo'.

Anyway it's not beary hot or even hot at all.
Taste like your normal kind of fish/chicken in LJS. :/

Took the shuttle bus to Sebawang Shopping Centre and saw this:

It's some lights that is hanging out, I think someone went to pluck it out or something.
I just have to take a photo of it because it looks wrong, no? :P :/

Anyway I went to collect my contacts yesterday! :D

Such a long box to store a short bottle!

Here it is! :)

Fiddled with opening of the bottle and got cut unknowingly!

Turns out I opened it wrongly! The cover was supposed to be still attached to the metal thingy but look at mine!

Anyway, here's a comparison before and after I wore the contacts.

Without flash.

With flash.

Without flash.

With flash.

Nice right nice right!

Camwhored a little with the lens, show you some! :)
Cannot stand it go away!
But there's only 2 here! HAHA.

*pardon me with my anyhow tied hair*

Haha I chose gray because it seems more natural?
Don't like those loud/unique colours like green or red or blue.
Doesn't suit me.

Initially wanted to get brown but the brown for that series look unnatural so I took the gray one instead! :)

Ok I am done ranting!
Goodbye and loves!

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