Saturday, December 11, 2010

#323 - Meet Up

Met up with the girls, Jiaying and Yili on one of the days on the last week of November.
Yunhui was supposed to be there as well but she caught a cold and had sore eyes.
Oh well, let's meet up some other day then! :)

Headed to Fareast Plaza with Yili first since Jiaying still had lessons in school.

Randomly walking and shopping...
And got these because they are damn cheap and I couldn't resist buying bags with studs stuff on them!

(suddenly forgot how to blog)

Hmm and we saw this on the way out of Fareast Plaza.

Cool huh! You can customise your slippers and straps the way you want! :D
$15.90 for the slippers (plus a pair of straps).
AND if you got sick of the straps' colour, you can buy another one at only $2.90 and change them yourself!
(okay I sound as though I am promoting for the shop)

Moving on...

Headed to Etude House where Yili got her makeup etc and I got this cute nail polish dispenser which I had been finding since the day I saw a manicure shop using it. LOL.

I like the 'press' thingy. :D
Easier to use than pouring the remover out yourself.

Met with Jia Ying and initial plan was to go to Bugis to shop but Jia Ying had a dental appointment at Paragon(?) and ended up we head to Ion instead.

So hungry we all nom on these tako balls, each of us having 4!
I shared with Yili but seriously I think I can finish 8 on my own.
Super nice, definitely going back there to have it again! :D

Hehe only I 'dared' to camwhore with the 8pieces one!

Walked walked awhile and Yili managed to find her shoes and accessories at New Look. :)

And then we saw this!
Typical Singaporeans queueing for free things!

And we 3 were like okay...

Ended up we were among them who queued!

Because it's free Starbucks day! :D
You can order any drinks you want!

And it was my first time at Starbucks because I seriously wasn't a fan of coffee.
Stop drinking that since primary school.
Coffee gives me headache. :O

X'mas Special: Toffeenut Latte!

HEHE I just have to take a photo of this: 100% off!

And seriously after so many years of not drinking coffee, this Toffeenut Latte gave me headache as well!
Oh well!

We stay at Starbucks for a long time and chatted about the past, good old days!
Sigh misses!

Abrupt ending but I am too lazy to blog about what happened later plus I ran out of photos!
Haha okay, it was an awesome day out that day!
Let's meet up soon again! :) :D

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