Saturday, December 18, 2010

#328 - 09S22 Chalet Part I

09S22 Chalet, 07 - 09 December 2010

The day after Prom was 09S22's chalet!!!

Being a lazy ass, I could only join them after they finished their groceries shopping.
Oh well...

 Waiting for the bus...

*skips on the way part*

Then we checked in our rooms!

Photos of the room.
Idk why it's like so dark!
It looks okay in my camera. :(

And while some entertained themselves watching the tv...

 ...some slept...

...while some mahjonged!

Then it was BBQ time!

(okay it's getting a little dry here but wait for the second day)

 Food looked good. :D

Evidence that Lynette is a bully! :P

*** For Lynette ***

Evidence that I am a bully too..
Poor Raine!

Playing with fire!

Then after a while, all of us were called into the living room.

Because Huiyi (Mama) made a class video for all of us!

Photo credit to Lynette.

And even though it was a 3 minutes plus video, it managed to sum up most of things we had done for the past 2 years.
Couldn't help it but cry while watching it.

And then we reminisced the good old times spent together, looking through the photos and videos of us.
Although some of the stuff were funny, somehow I felt that it still managed to evoke a little bit of sadness and unwillingness to part with the class.

Looking through the photos and videos, we laughed, we cried, we smiled.
And all of us could see how much each of us has grown for the 2 years.

I don't know how to explain it but I actually felt that all these were heartwarming.
Throughout the 2 years, our class became really bonded.
I feel fortunate and happy (okay this sounds too corny) to be in this class.

Honestly speaking, initially I don't really feel that I can click with the rest etc.
But towards the end, I realised that I was wrong.
Being in S22 makes one feel hmm... Loved?
It's like everyone will welcome you no matter what.

2 years may not be too long or short but I am sure I will not forget anyone of you in this class.
Thanks for always being there and keep in touch.

-Ends abruptly-

I will be updating about Day 2 of Chalet soon!
Do come back for more updates.
Love. :)

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