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#329 - 09S22 Chalet Part II

Okay somewhere in the middle of Day 1 and Day 2 where many formed different groups and stuff, Raine, Lynette and her boyfriend and her boyfriend's friend, and I decided to head to Orchid Bowl at Ehub to bowl.

And while on the way there, we saw pretty Christmas decorations!

Raine behaved like people from the C country as usual.
I was busy taking photos of the decorations and she attempted to cut in like how many times just so I could get her into the picture.
Not once or twice but many many times!
So here's the photo!

Happy girl after getting what she wanted.

 Since it was almost 1am, the lanes were pretty much empty with a few others there.

Raine at it again!!!

Lynette's boyfriend was being good enough to treat both Raine and I for a game while Lynette watched.
After that, we walked about and then headed back to the chalet.

Had Mac takeaway for supper on the way back!
Chatted with them for damn long, saw this drunkard too, yelling like a mad person etc.
Couldn't sleep because both of the beds were occupied and thus Raine and I decided to sleep in the morning!

Woken up by sounds of people slamming the door, shouting, laughing etc.

And I went to the fridge and took out the dessert Ms Loon made for us while Mr Soh paid for the ingredients!
So sweet right! :)
Somehow missed seeing her handwriting.
And I was joking how come she didn't write (contains -OH) instead!

It was pretty good! :)

And she even left a note for the class! That's so sweet. :')

Hehe meanwhile the guys from our class had a sudden impromptu decision to go Wild Wild Wet (heard that all of them had fun over there, inventing their own games etc)!
Then they called Mama and said that they wanted to take photos at the glass panel inside the pool! And so I tagged along! :)

Poor Premala having the guys stuff their wet clothes to her while they went to the swimming pool!

And somehow I feel like a pervert when taking all these photos for them, especially for the one above. FYI I had to look up to take a photo of them, somemore they are all guys!

Then after that, all of them came back and tried to 'show off' their figures in front of the camera. And no, none of them were camera shy at all!

LOL at Amir's expression, classic and so standard for him!

Oh and when all of us headed back to the chalet, that's when all the fun things started! :D
I wish I could type out what exactly happened or perhaps show you guys a part of the video to let you fully understand it but I am afraid the answer would be no.
All of us present on that day had sort of promised that what happens in the chalet remains in the chalet!
*plays Like A G6 suddenly* *wink wink*

Hehe I kept smiling to myself as I recalled what happened! :D

Took many jumpshots too!
Showing some!

We gathered at the bed for never ending rounds of Werewolves too!
Love the game!

Photos taken from Mama's camera.

Ohh and then we ordered Sarpino's for dinner which apparently wasn't enough for all of us!

It was this time where Shawn had his first pizza! We ordered a no cheese one specially for him! :)

Ok as I have mentioned earlier the pizzas weren't sufficient to fill many of our stomaches and thus all of us headed out to get dinner!

Gathered together for a photo before heading off to get our respective food!

It was then when we reached the chalet and realized that they bought a small cake to celebrate for the December babies! Thanks lovelayes! :)

All three of us, Raine, Fadhilah (exact birthday on the day itself) and I were totally caught off guard!
Sad that Lynette left in the morning already if not she would also be one of the birthday babies!

And they got us Burger King crowns too!
I always wanted to wear that! Hahaha!

After the singing of the birthday song, making of wishes and blowing the candles, all of us settled down to eat!
Man I am hungry now! :/

Seeing that bottle reminded me of the funny video we took as a class!
Is it nice?  Not bad. You want try? Yeah/Okay.

Then Fadli the Magician appeared and performed the magic on levitation.

Our magician too full from his dinner!

With his oh-so-sexy assistant Min Sunn!
After taking super loads of lame video, like the magician one, the revealing of the trick one, the drinking of the juice one, the one with the holy fridge etc, we settled down to watch 09S22's own movie, ie all the videos we took for the day including the Like A G6 one! :D

Laughed like madz together, damn heartwarming to be sitting with all of them in the cozy living room, watching and laughing at the same thing! :)
And nobody will really get the joke if they're not there to experience it for themselves.

Hehe then I suggested taking class photos although quite sad because the whole class was not present!

All of them starting going crazy towards the end of the shoot!

Then we had Werewolves session again!

Played a few more rounds and then Sifat started an emo session.

Talked about how he saw the light in the darkness etc (this was crap, he said his initial plan was just to joke about but he saw Mama's tears welling up so he twisted back to the serious mode).

Then all of us settled down, those who were awake, and we recalled about the 2 years we have spent together, and then shared with each others our thoughts and feelings.
And I felt that it'd be much more meaningful if everyone was present at that time and in turn during then, we could understand each other more and better and create a tighter bond for our class.

Nevertheless, it was great having the talk and we got to know how each one of us felt about each other.
Many of us opened up even Kumar, who said that he seldom mixes with his classes last time and that this is the first time he actually feels so close with the class.

Definitely gonna miss the class when we 'go our own ways' next year.
Please keep in touch, 09S22 peeps!
Won't forget anyone of you.
*muackz muackz*

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