Monday, December 20, 2010

#330 - Domino's, Al-Ameen & U.D.D.E.R.S.

Not long ago, I met up with my secondary school CCA peeps and Ms Tang (Mama Tang) herself for dinner!
They suggested Domino's which was near Beauty World at Bukit Timah!
And sad enough I went there myself because most were coming straight from their poly, 3 to be exact, 1 had his dad send him there, and Mama Tang cabbed down there.

Lucky there was a direct bus to that area at the interchange near my house!

Crossed this overhead bridge to walk to Beauty World and I felt kind of lost.
Not to mentioned lonely, thanks to the slight drizzle and strong wind that was blowing.

And the place I was heading to, ie. Domino's was opposite Beauty World.
I had thought reaching there would be so easy but no.
Now due to the construction of the new MRT line, most of the roads were like blocked etc.
Had to call the guys for help to get there! ZZZ.

Finally in sight!

Thought that I would be the latest since we all agreed to meet at 7pm and it was way past that time already and it turned out that I was one of the earliest there. -.-

Quiet place over at Domino's with no other customers in sight, just us only.

Slowly everyone started arriving and after waiting for so damn long, food was finally here! *hungry*
The sugared cinnamon bread was gooooooooood! :)


There were spicy drumlets and BBQ wings too, plus soft drinks.
But all of us were still hungry.
And so we headed down the road to check out other food that could feel our stomaches more.

Stopped by at Al-Ameen!

Got bored waiting for food to arrive and guess what I saw!

28: Chicken Bologones
29: White Rice with Chilly Chicken


Food's finally here! :)

Naan with some Spinach curry and cottage cheese (which tasted like chicken to me).

Huge ass stingray that tasted so good and like crab! *slurps*

With satisfied stomaches, we headed to U.d.d.e.r.s. for dessert!
Yes I know we ate a lot, but there's always room for dessert no? :)
Shared Mango Sorbet with these 2 here! :)

Sadly no group photos to upload because they're all in GY's camera! :(

Oh wells. Was nice meeting them and catching up with the latest news or gossips of Kranji peeps!
Haha, the next time we will be meeting is before WS goes to NS! Can't wait!
And thanks Mama Tang for treating all of us! :)

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