Monday, January 10, 2011

#341 - Just My 2 Cents Worth

I think not everyone is cut out for studying. I am one of them.

Before I started my long ranting, let me make things clear first. It's not because of As being over and that I think that I might not do well that I typed this entry. Actually I had been wanting to talk about this issue for very long already. Not that anyone bothers reading it, it's just that I feel better ranting all of it out. Do note that I am not writing an essay or what, I just typed out whatever that comes to my mind. Don't pinpoint my mistakes like keeping on repeating similar points and argue in a beat-around-the-bush manner whatsoever. I don't give a damn. GP is long over.

Anyway, let's get back to what I said earlier:
Not everyone is cut out for studying.

This is what I believe, in my case. I am the type who procrastinate a lot and I can't help it. It's innate or something. However sometimes I do my best to learn and work hard but the results never show. It could be part of my carelessness and whatnot and also on the part that I never like studying. I tried convincing myself that studying is fun but I think I really can't bring myself to love to study.

I guess I am not like those hardcore muggers type or those that always top the class. To them, studying could be like a hobby. To me, it's wtf you no life. This type of people, I believe, have goals in life to achieve what they want in the future. I never really look far ahead, into the future. My future is just tomorrow. -.- 

Honestly speaking, in my almost 18years of life, I never really had a burning desire or something that I really desperately want badly that would make me work hard for it just to get it. I don't even set goals because I don't even refer to them at all. In fact, I don't even remember any goals I set that the schools I studied in has forced me to do. Goals NEVER work for me. While the Adam Khoo workshop held in Secondary 4 enlightened a lot of students before the 'O' Levels and 'woke them up', I was neutral. There was never a point in time I actually 'woke up' and realise I must do something if not I would regret.

I have tried many ways, in the context of trying to do well in my studies, but I think I might have just given up hope. That brings me to conclude that I am not cut out for studying.

Why must we study? To acquire knowledge and learn more stuff. Typical answer. Yes I know it's true, without education, we might not learn about a lot of things that may help us, IN THE FUTURE.

But I think that some people just do not have the 'talent' in studying. While some are naturally gifted, bear in mind that there are still others out there who are not and are struggling with their studies. People like me. To add on, Singapore education is just...

I don't know how to express what I want to say clearly but my point is I believe that different people are born with different talents to help them in the future. Some jobs offer high pay and do not even require people with high level education. If you have the skill that they are looking for, you have a job. A lot of singers are not highly educated, yet they are still able make it all worthwhile by doing something they love (well, in most cases) and getting paid in the process. In fact, some singers or even soccer players have a few times more pay than a businessman!

I remembered my trainer, Melvin shared with us his life story during Adam Khoo workshop. How he flunked his 'O' Levels the first time getting 37 for L1R5 or something and the other time when he retook it, it was almost the same. And then, he had to apply to Shatec Institute and managed to get in. Until now, he is so successful, being under the team of Adam Khoo, teaching students the correct ways to zomg study and what's more, his pay is like so effin high. He mentioned like every minute, he can earn $10/$100 or something. That's not the main thing, my point is just that Singapore is too focused on hiring people who have the qualifications but see? My trainer can even earn as much as those people with higher qualifications even though he only has a lousy 'O' Levels certificate.

This proves my point that you do not need to have a high level education to get a job. But you need some talent instead and also a bit of LUCK. Like how Melvin was being spotted by Adam Khoo or somewhere along that line. I cannot recall the exact details. No luck, no point. Miss your chance and that's it.

I am still trying to find my talent. And I have come to the point to force myself to believe that perhaps I have none. :(

So I concluded that when I grow up, I have to, need to, diedie must be a Taitai if not I can never survive in this dog-eat-dog world. Have to open my eyes WIDE now like O.O. Kthxbye.

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