Saturday, January 15, 2011

#343 - My Chio Nails

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 Painted my nails on Thursday night feeling so accomplished! :D

The end result:

Lol sorry, couldn't resist taking so many photos of them!
So nice right! :D
Don't care what you say, I am loving it!

Nails are technically done by me with my brother helping with the bows. :)

Did these nails because I remembered watching one on it last year!
Here it is:

Of course after looking at the video, you'd think mine is so-so only but hey!
I don't have the dotting tool etc equipment ok!

And Dad didn't approve of the pattern but heck him!
But got so many compliments from friends! :)
And some thought I went to do manicure and even asked my how much I paid for it. LOL.

But the sad thing is I have to remove it by today. T.T
Because I've Taekwondo grading tmrw!
When I painted my nails on Thursday, I didn't think of it! :(

Anyhow, if you noticed, my index finger is of a different colour. :)

 OPI's Tickle My France-y!!!
OMG this colour is so freaking nice just the way I love it!

But now, sad to say, all gone. :'(

May I pass (I want double leh) my Taekwondo grading tmrw.

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