Friday, February 11, 2011

#353 - Chinese New Year Day Two (初二)

Chinese New Year Day Two (初二)

Day Two of the Chinese New Year involved me heading to grandparents house and another round of camwhore session with cousins plus mahjong!

Really upset that as each year passes, Chinese New Year gets more and more boring and there's like no one visiting on the second day anymore.

Guess time changes everything.

Anyhow, photos are mostly camwhorish and for cousins to kope so shoo if you don't like to keep seeing our faces!

Moving on~
Photos in PinHole effect mode!

Hahahaha omg this photo is hilarious, look at my brother at the back!

I is geekynerdgirl92.

That's my camera cover yo!

Back to normal!

Woo hoo another round of camwhore session!
Same people who are camwhoring, yes we are THAT pathetic because there's no one to camwhore with! :(

Why my hair so short and messy, why my face so round. T.T

Hey orange! :)
Brother trying to act artistic!

Mahjong time later, trying to get the hweeling of Chinese New Year! 

Hehe last photo of the day with my Mum cuddling Coco!

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