Sunday, February 13, 2011

#354 - Chinese New Year Day Three (初三)

Chinese New Year Day Three (初三)

Kbox session with the other cousins today! (Finally photos with other people if you notice later, lol!)

Lunch at Crystal Jade with 1st Aunt and cousin!
Thanks 1st Aunt for the treat! :D

Just these 2 dishes are enough to make me feel damn bloated!
The lamien helping is so much!!!

Kbox at Jurong Safra Clubhouse! :)

 Ordered Fruit Punch Yoghurt which I totally regretted because it tasted so much like cough medicine!

8th Uncle and 8th Aunt dropped by later to join us! :)

 Photos are in random order now since my cousins took my camera away and began snapping nonstop! :O :)

 Trying to act idkwhat with the specs on!

 Series of group shots without me because they did it on purpose! :(

Haha kidding, I had flat hair and sore eye that day so I was not willing to take close up shots!

 Then came pinhole mode AGAIN!
Yes my long hair cousin loves this mode a lot as you can tell from the other entries!

 Eew I look so gross in this group shot.

 So happy! :) 

Back to normal mode!

 Cousin and gf!

 Rainbow series apple!
Not really that nice after a few sips, taste kind of bitter! :/

 Sigh so long never go Kbox, didn't know they update to touch screen ones!

And thanks 8th Uncle and 8th Aunt for treating!
We insisted on paying back some to them though. :)

Dinner with cousin at Jurong Point's ambush! :)

Food glorious food!
(except it's not that glorious and we got sick of it after a while)
Mediocre fooooooooooood! :(

Cream of Mushroom was okay only.
Love the garlic bread though!

 Sausage platter with sautéed potatoes and onions
Nothing to shout about!
Sausages taste normal and the sautéed stuff taste like what you can find at normal zhap chye bng store which is weird because this is supposed to be some French cuisine. 

Dory Fish Fillet with Creamy Spaghetti.
Can't remember what it is exactly.
Got sick of it in a while and the fish is wayyy too fishy!

Lucky my cousin and I shared!
I was like gulping down water after a few bites each time!

Aww, perhaps the other food there are better.
The rest of the people seemed to be enjoying their food that day and the restaurant was almost full house!
Will give it another chance next time! :)

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