Saturday, April 2, 2011

#386 - Sore Throat

 You better be.

Yes, you read the title.
Sore throat, not any other illnesses.
At least I am rest assured now.

Been to the doctor after 4 days of being sick.
Really couldn't stand it anymore.

"Retail therapy only works at the moment of purchasing."
I tweeted this before.
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You wouldn't believe this:
On the same day itself before I went to the clinic, I spent some time shopping.
And a ring caught my eyes.
(Share it here soon!)

Bought it and the throat feels good.
I can talk and laugh normally.
Right after I got it and left the shop, sore throat's back.
Like omgwtfbbq!

Okay on to happier things, my sore throat is getting better.
Just that it's now cough.

And no, I won't cry.
Because thanks to this illness, I've lost 3kg.
Yay! :) :D


Going for Taekwondo Grading tmrw!
Wanna fulfill my resolution of getting a black belt by the end of this year!

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