Tuesday, April 5, 2011

#387 - My Favourite Snacks from Childhood

One random day, while waiting for 307 to arrive, I popped by Cheers to get something to munch on.

Who still remember this?

It was one of my favourite childhood snacks! :)
It's plain but full of fragrant taste.

That got me start thinking about what I used to have in the past which weren't really that popular now.

Anyone remember...?

Kinder Surprise
Love finding the surprise after I finished the outer chocolate coating.

How I always try my best to slowly peel open the aluminum foil wrapping to avoid leaving marks on my chocolate.

Sadly, they replaced them with Kinderjoy.
Not joyful at all.
But luckily, I heard that The Cocoa Trees still sells them! :)

MAMEE Monster
  I always thought we could actually cook and eat them.

Apollo Wafer
Cheap and tasty.

Paddle Pop Ice Cream
Used to eat this every time I go to the minimart when I was young.

Iced Gems Biscuits
 It's either I bite all icing off before eating the biscuits or vice versa.
I never eat them together.
Love the icing to bits, they have this icy feeling to them. ;)

 White Rabbit Milk Candy
Remember the plastic-like thing that is edible?
I always act cool to the others showing off that I eat plastic. -.-

Push Pop
These were sweet lipsticks for me in the past.

And guess what I discovered when I was looking for photos of Push Pop?

Triple Power Push Pop
I must be really old. ._.

Ring Pop
Brother of Push Pop.

Haw Flakes
One packet is never enough.

Sweet flat biscuit (Idk what's its actual name)
It will stick to your tongue for a short while!

Pikin Plum Tablet Candy
Didn't want to share the Pikin one, but actually they remind me of the long rolls of sour plum candy in gold wrappings I had in the past!

Very fragrant and I always choose the one with the colour I like i.e.Pink in the past!

Collon Biscuit Rolls
Mad love.
Enjoyed sucking out the filling! :)
Blogged about them a while back - Click here!

(Photos, except the first one, sourced from Google and credits to all those who took them)

There are still a lot more which I can't recall the names like the M&M look-alike chocolates which are stored like medicine pills in the metallic covering in the shape of 8, donut shaped sweets that you can whistle with, toy microphone filled with candies inside (I had one of every colour then!) and saltly animal crackers in long orange wrappers!

And confirm a lot a lot more, there's just so much stuff in my mind that I can't think!

Omg nostalgic much right!!!

And sad to say, many of them are already hard to find in your usual convenience stores! :(
I think they're diminishing soon.

Can only try your luck at those neighbourhoods' minimarts/mama shops though!

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