Sunday, June 12, 2011

#419 - The Chronicles of SS (Collecting Her Free Phone)

Part 1: The Conversation

Okay let me give a short introduction first.

And so I went to the SMU Open House a few months ago and then I participated in their Open House contest where you were supposed to upload a photo you took there and then write a few words on your feelings yada yada~

Prizes included 3 sets of iPhone, 2 sets of Samsung Galaxy S and 2 sets of LG Optimus 7.

The SMU person urged me to go participate since not many people know about this contest and told me that the winning chances are very high.

Only 9 people participated.
And there are 7 prizes.
Really high indeed. O.O
(Images in this entry are all screenshots hence they are very low in resolution, to view it in a larger picture, Right Click > Open Link In New Tab)
Here's my submission. :)
Yeah and so I waited everyday for them to message me telling me I've won, lol.
Then one fateful day (remember using this phrase very often in primary school's compos thinking it's kind of cheem), I got a message!!! (",)
And after reading, Idk I should be happy or sad.
Happy because I won a phone.
Sad because of all phones there, I so suay got LG Optimus 7.
(Yeah I also think the 5 questions a bit dumb)
I swear I hate LG.
Most probably giving it to my brother. :)
  Okay so details are being given out yada yada.

Then they said 'more details will be furnished...' so I went to email and message them to ask.
Note: My message is at the bottom and their reply is on top, just so you know.

And I went o.O after reading their reply.
Need to take photos with their director? Omg, wait photo turns out ugly how?!
Anyway I've got work, I don't wanna keep taking leave and their office only opens on weekdays and closes at 1745 I cfm can't make it to collect the phone redemption letter!
So I asked if I can get my brother to collect it for me.

And in order to let my brother collect the letter, I have to print and fill in some authorization letter.

Everything was fine, I could ask someone to print for me and then have my brother bring the stuff required for verification.
Until the super blur me misread the third thing required.

I read as my brother has to bring my OWN NRIC. *facepalm*
It didn't occur to me then that it'd stupid of them if they require a copy of my NRIC and the original one at the same time.
And so the mistake was made.
My work requires my NRIC and so I was like shit!
How now?
My brother can't help me anymore, this means I have to take half day leave. :((
And thus I replied back.

Omg so paiseh, the person even bolded the word 'copy'.

It was too late, I had to take a half day leave and go down myself.

See my stupid reply:

Seriously I think the person is super patient with me lor.
Even call to inform etc.
I think out of all the prize winners, I am the most troublesome one. *sheepish*

Haha stay tuned for The Chronicles of SS (Collecting Her Free Phone) Part 2: The Collection of the Phone Redemption Letter. :)

PS: If you were wondering, SS means SkunkyShufen! :D

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