Tuesday, June 14, 2011

#420 - Primary School Besties Meet Up

Oh hi! :)

Met this bunch of girls whom I shared nearly 10years of friendship with last week! :D
I've known them half of my life, some even ¾!!!*stares at Babi*
Natasha wasn't here if not the group photo would have been completed. Oh well. :/

Since it was a simple dinner meet up, I suggested going to Bukit Timah.
 Idk why but I like to blog about food. ._.

Plus the lightings at the restaurant super bright so I can take food without flash.
So pardon me as I go through the food one by one. 

Garlic Naan, Butter Naan and Butter Chicken Masala

Belachan KangKong
This is seriously weird..
I mean by the looks you can already tell.
My mum (or yours) can definitely cook better!

Coin Pratas with Mutton

Mutton Murtabak
Too muttonyyyy. :(

Sambal Stingray
So blur. :(

White Rice
This photo is redundant I know. :P

Headed to U.d.d.e.r.s for ice-cream! 
Reminds me of chemistry, trigonal planar arrangement or something! B)

And then we started telling stories of weird people/couples/latest gossips!
The usuals~

At one point of time, Afiqah was telling this story and there were too much characters and most of us got confused and thus she used her fingers to represent the characters!

Had to take down photos of it! :)
Haha so it's like when we wanted to ask questions about a character, we had to point at the finger representing it.

Decided that the night was still young (act sia), so we went to chill by the pool at Nicole/Elena's condo.
More like feed mosquitoes for me actually, meh. :/

And Raine got her instax recently so we spammed photo taking.
She so generous canz, we used up the remanining ¾ of her Disney films and then ½ of her Stitch ones.

And omg Stitch films are sooooooo pretty!

This photo doesn't do the frames justice.
You have to see it to believe it.
Got glitter glitter effect somemore! :D

See how much we took!

First attempt at group shout without checking through the viewfinder and it was quite a success!
And notice the frame, oh so cute! ♥

Alright group shots to end this entry. :)

Bye! ♥

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