Thursday, June 16, 2011

#421 - The Thing About Shoes

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I love looking at shoes online even though I can't buy them online (will explain this in a while). They give me a very calm feeling, wtf.

Love this pair of shoes the moment I saw it.
You could say it was love at first sight! ♥

According to the blogshop, these are Vivi inspired wedges.
I've good taste. :P

Once saw people selling it at *scape flea, SGD42! Wts.

 Yes I love nude coloured shoes! :)
Yet another Vivi inspired.

I saw my cousin wearing it in one of her blogshops photoshoot and I just smsed her enquiring about the shoes.
Waiting for her reply, hope she didn't tell me she got it from a blogshop!

Update: Okay apparently it was from a blogshop, and coincidentally it's from the blogshop I saw this pair of shoes! >< Suddenly feel like getting but I can't decide what colour plus I can't get them online (refer to bottom of entry)!!!

I think my eyes are attracted to strappy and simple designs.

 Why so pretty one!

 Perfect for casual dressing, I like the dusty pink one! ;)

 I kind of like gold buttons!

Yeah and if you notice, for me, wedges > heels.
Man I want these so baaaaaaaaad, but it's hard to find them selling in shops in SG! :(

Most of them are from blogshops and I don't like the idea of ordering shoes online.

You can't see how exactly the shoes look like, whether the workmanship/cutting is good, can't try it on to see whether it suits you, whether it's THAT comfortable plus there's always this problem of sizing.
Yes, I know sizing chart is provided for reference but how much can you actually trust that?
Another thing in mind for me is that I've rather broad feet, plus feet of different sizes.
AND I am really anal when it comes to buying shoes.

Both the left and the right side must be mirror image-ly perfect (if you get what I mean).
So I've to see the shoes and compare them myself.
Many a time when I buy shoes, I piss many sellers off because I keep requesting them to change a new pair of shoes for me because the shoes are not perfect enough. :P

But there's a reason behind why I do the thing above.

-start of rant-

Ever since that one time i bought a pair of brown heels on impulse (see them here), I learnt my lesson.
That day, I was in a rush and didn't check the heels properly and only realised it when I got home that one of the heels' heel are slightly crooked. :(

From then onwards, I become very fussy about getting shoes.

-end of rant-

Anyway, I 'hate' how some shoes I like comes in different colours, because I can't decide what to get and just feel like getting them all! ARGH.

If anyone knows where to get these shoes in shops in SG (no blogshops please), please kindly let me know! :)
In the meantime, I will just sit in front of the com and emo while looking at these pretty shoes.

On a lighter note, I finally got a pair of sandals that are look worthy to me from Rubi!
Cheap and pretty.
In nude somemore! <3

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