Saturday, June 25, 2011

#427 - GEO Super Angel Grey Review

 Hey there!
Just 2 weeks ago, I received my first pair of GEO lens! :)
Initially, I was gonna continue by saying this is probably my first and last pair of GEO lens due to the MOH banning of sale of contact lens online.

But, luckily I went to order a few more pairs of GEO lens!
Hopefully, the whole delivery process will be successful.

By the way, I am wary of how the news potrays such online lens being harmful yada yada in case anyone of you want to warn me.
And the reason why I continued using is because the comfort level is damn good, even so much better than the pair I wore which I got from the optician!

Anyway, today's entry will be sort of like a review for the GEO lens I ordered!

I got GEO Super Angel Grey! :)

 Close ups of the lens:

With flash:

Without flash:

Yeah and they kind of make your irises bigger!
Compare my left and right eyes, left eye wearing the lens and right not!
Hope you can tell the difference!
Yeah and I know I have a rather huge and bulbous nose inherited from my mum. :(
And no, it's not crooked.

Hahaha photos below are all camwhore shots with the lens so ignore them if you must!
Hehe I kinda love this shot if not for my knee and the open closet.
Flawless complexion I can never have (maybe yes after consulting a dermatologist), sharp nose at this angle, and I love how the contacts look under flash.

Retook a few more with the closet closed, but I can't get the flawless complexion back.

Sorry yours truly no photoshop! Any sponsors?
*stares at NUS students getting lappys from Matric Fair*
I heard Adobe PS can download 3 times hor? ^^

Remind me to clean my mirror.

Summing up this entry with my review ratings:

Comfort level: ★★★★★
The current pair of GEO lens I am wearing does not dry up fast and can last me to more than 8hours with NO discomfort whereas for the optician's one, I can only wear for 3-4 hours before my eyes will feel super dry and I'll blink non-stop.
After that, I will tear like madz and get red eyes. :(
So this pair gets 5 stars! :D

Design: ★★★★
I love how there's this black lining at the outer ream. And they look natural to me without flash and the effect is exactly what I am looking for with flash. :)

Enlargement: ★★★
At 14.8mm, it's pretty okay to me, and doesn't give my eyes that pop up effect. Idk about the effect on others because different people have different eyes sizes, iris sizes so the enlargment may vary in one way or another.

Price: ★★★★★
I got mine at $11.50 after postage payment.
And they can last up to 3-6 months, yeah I am not going to harm my eyes by wearing it for a year!
Worth it because the price of the optician's contacts is wayyyy high, mine was like $60/3 months?!

Overall: ★★★★

Anyway, I hope this review helps if you happen to chance upon it! :)

Blog again soon, bye! ♥

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