Sunday, June 26, 2011

#428 - New Blog Header

This photo is fucking chio and awesome!! :D
Mad love the effects from the camera! <3
Credits to Lynette! :)

And because of this, I decided to use it as my blog header!

Thought that the camera strap destroyed the beauty of the photo so I painstakingly went to edit it away using NOT Photoshop but just simply Photoscape!
I love myself for doing that.

And omg I love the results so much.

See below!
The editing quite flawless right!!! (Lol I edited the pillar's shadow away) Tell me about it! :D

Small comparison! :)

Added some words and voilà, my new header!

Initially wanted to use this as the header where it explains what solitous diaspora kind of means but I think it's kind of wordy.

Hmm what do you think? :)

PS: Yeah I am headless wtf.

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