Tuesday, June 28, 2011

#429 - Food

Note: Proper updates soon! I can't blog my Chronicles of SS Getting Her Free Phone Part 2 yet because due to *coughs* SMU's 'fault'.
My Part 3 everything settle liao except I haven't blog.
And many more!
Do watch this space. :)


Hi today's entry will be food food and more food. :)
Because I'm random like that.

Appreciate ok, I took very long to get this entry done.

I've been taking photos of lunch I ate ever since my supervisor brought my workmate and I out (mostly Woodlands/Admiralty area) and I felt that I had to share the love (lol) so I am uploading them here. And also to reminisce these food when I left my workplace this Thursday! #anyhowchurnsexcusebecausetheresnoreasonforthisentry

Oh other than that, I will also include photos of food I took like ages ago or recently, because most of them have been inside my phone for a year plus and I felt that they deserve some attention too. #anothernonsenseexcuse 

All photos are all taken with my phone so pardon their clarity.
And most of my lunches are so sinful and super currified I feel so fat. T.T
Indian spices rice with sambal chili egg, curry cauliflower, curry cabbage and complimentary Indian keropok.
Wanted to eat more veggies to feel less guilty but end up they were super oily. #fail

Cheese and Onion prata.

Shared coin pratas with chicken with workmate, not as good as the one I ate at Al Azhar!

Indian food again, with curry sotong, fish roe, chicken masala, basmati rice and complimentaryIndian keropok and curry veggies over at Karu's Indian Banana Leaf Restaurant at Upper Bukit Timah Road.

I remembered my mum cooked fish curry that night.

Awesome chili crab for SECOND dinner one random night last week when one of my relatives brought it over to my house. COULDN'T RESIST.

Trying to eat healthier this week to make up for the oil in last week's meals.

And I had hokkien mee today for lunch.

Then this for dinner!
Super huge fish okay, bigger than my palms plus fingers add together.
Plus the rice so much.

And because I finished everything you see up there, now I am super full and having trouble churning out this entry.
My stomach has no trouble churning though. :X

Now for the store-in-the-phone-too-long-need-a-breather-photos!

 Photo taken on 22 November 2010.
Some apple sundae from Mcdonald's.
Not nice one and then the chocolate toppings taste like those cheap no brand kind.

Wtf I got super memory!!!
But it's bad, because I only remember redundant stuff.
Songs lyrics: Yes. Friend's numbers: Yes. Birthdays: Yes. Miscellaneous: Yes. Studies: NOOOO! :(
*go bang wall*

Photo taken on 24 November 2011.
Chicken Cheese Salsiccia.
Okay only, prefer my usual Chicken Bolognese/Seafood Marinara.
This meal was a dinch (Lunch Dinner) with The (Doh) Bitches.
We were shopping for Prom stuff that day.

 Photo taken on 3 December 2010.
Homemade pizza bread, panfried version.
My house no oven, should I get one in July?

Photo taken on 2 January 2011.
Self-proclaimed awesome supper with hotdogs and scrambled eggs garnished with Mac's free black pepper.

 Photo taken on 9 January 2011.
Yummy mango with pomelo sago dessert, inside got a scoop of icecream one so shiok, from Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room.
Remembered eating this with Mummy and Bro!

Photo taken on 26 February 2011.
Some famous char kway teow at Beach Road.
Taste okay only leh. o.O

Photo taken on 13 March 2011.
Cheese & Mushroom Sandwich from Café Galilee.
Changed the sides (chips and pasta) to just pasta.
At only $4 plus it's super worth it, just don't order the drinks there. $.$
Remember that this was the time I met Lynette and we went to NUS Open House together.

Photo taken on 6 May 2011.
Satisfied my cravings for cheese fries at KFC!

Anyway since I'm at the topic on food, show you guys something Mcdonald's doesn't offer anymore! Right?

Found one in my fridge and dipped my nuggets in it.

Why they discontinue it ah? :(
And the sweet chili with seeds one which is for McWings one also no more.
And then the Grilled Chicken Foldover. Sobzsobz.

Ending off this entry with the sauce I love most:
LJS's cheese!

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