Thursday, June 30, 2011

#430 - Updates

Hello, This is a 'LIVE' entry yo! :D

It's been long since I update an entry that does not mention about stuff I did days/weeks back!

Anyway, it's finally 30 June 2011!!!

Why am I so happy???

Because today is the last day of work!!!

I remembered starting work on 3 January 2011 lor!
Can't believe I've worked for nearly 5 months already!

And as usual I spend my work time slacking away.
So right now, as I've got nothing to do, I figure I wanna go 'LIVE' awhile, lol.


Right after typing all the above in the afternoon, Blogger hanged on me and then whenever I try to access the page, it shows HTTP 400 Bad Request

Plan to go 'LIVE' fail.

And also I spilled water all over the keyboard. #best


Headed over to Orchard after work to hand in my timesheets and decided to drop by Forever21 to see see a bit!
Going there tmrw with the girls! (Y) Woohoo!

(Photos all taken with phone)

 It's super mega HUGE and I got lost inside!
22000 sq ft ok!
No joke, I couldn't find out how to go out! HAHAH!

Yeah and I sort of know what I want to get already hehe. :D

Bye F21, I will see you tmrw! ^^

Anyway, I am a bit sad because I saw a pair of shoes I want at ION but it's super freaking ex and not branded kind (according to me)!

Why you cost $54.90!!! :'(


After thoughts after work, happy yet sad.
I've worked for nearly half a year and it's like some routine already.
Definitely gonna feel weird not having to wake up early in the morning to take the company bus to work anymore.

And I am so sad when they took back my employee pass!
Why can't they let me keep it, boo. :(

But I am thinking of the happy side too.
No more waking up early!
No more eating awful canteen food!
No more having to sleep early just for work tmrw!

Thankful to the people at Globalfoundries who have helped me in one way or another, guided me to see what's right and what's wrong and whatnots.

Till then, it's goodbye...

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