Wednesday, June 8, 2011

#417 - My Work Space

This is where I spend ⅓ of my day for 5 days of the week currently.

And this is what I see when I look out of the window.
No sea, no skyscrapers or pretty views.

But it's okay, I can look at clouds!

Anyway, albeit the table being quite spacious, we (my workmate and I) only use a small space because our internet wires are too short. ._.

See how packed it is. :(

Oh well, for the sake of the internet, we persevere on! Lol.

 Anyway, these 2 weeks gonna be good because supervisor's bringing us out for lunch! :)
No more disgusting canteen food, we got so sick of them! >:(

But I can't wait for work to end already!

30 June is my last day and Imma enjoy myself in July! :D

-abrupt end-

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