Monday, June 6, 2011

#416 - Strictly Pancakes

 Strictly Pancakes for dinner with the two of them after submission of timesheet last week!

I'm always looking forward to trying out new food! :)

PS: Some photos may look the same just that they are captured in different modes and since I can't decide which one to upload, I just upload both. :o)
PPS: Dk why but this entry is damn long-winded, I just have so much to say. Scroll all the way down to see the food if you can't wait already. Haha.

 Place itself was full that day so we had to leave our numbers with the staff there so that they can call us once there are seats!

Walked along Prinsep Street while waiting...

Cute game place with equally cute chefs and mad huge softtoys!!!

 Gotta love the 2 storeys vintagey buildings there, staircases that lead up to somewhere. :)

Strictly Pancakes called us shortly after and then we headed back to the place!

 For maple syrup lovers:

We were informed that there are seats at the ground level but we requested for the upstairs one!
So much more cosy!!!

 Boring seats at ground level.

One of the seats (where we sat) upstairs!

They have the normal tables and chairs kind of seating too!
Huge difference compared to downstairs one right?
Like you just step into a different restaurant or something!

Ordered our food which took 10 - 15 mins to arrive and while waiting, we camwhored! :)

Love how they put the maple syrup and better, look like some dessert. ;)

We chose salted butter and garlic & herbs butter!
There are also 2 other butter types, the unsalted one and the rum & raisin one! :)

 Most unwilling 交杯酒 couple ever!!!

 Okay, this is what you are waiting for: Food!

As the name suggests, this place sells mainly pancakes.
The 3 of us ordered 3 different types to share. :)

Pancakes were piping hot with steam coming out one okay!!!

The Sweet:
A safe combination. :)

For the daring ones/those who do not really have a sweet tooth like me, you can try these below.

The Savoury:
Must order this if you loveeeeee garlic!
The garlic sauce is damn good and fragrant!
Plus the prawns are super crunchy and fresh! *salivates*

Chicken was marinated well but the cream sauce tasted weird. :/

It's only 3 pancakes for each of us but seriously after that I was so damn bloated already!

Notice the bottom area bulging out?
Their pancakes are seriously thick!!

 Teehee. :P

Anyway it's definitely worth a trip back!
I want to try BANANAS-SCOTCHED and THE DRUGGIE next time.

Went to Google to source for the photos of the two sweet pancakes and here they are!
(Photos credit to Google/the respective people who took the photos)



Omg kill me now.
Who cares about calories when you see these??

And they are all like so tumblr-worthy hor? :D

Moving on! Done with food, and then we slacked and chilled there.

Okay that's all! :)

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
44A Prinsep Street
Singapore 188674
Tel 63334202

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