Friday, June 3, 2011

#415 - Good Luck Charm

 Oh hi! :)

If you follow me on Twitter, you might know that a friend of mine surprised me at my doorstep one random night.

This friend is Raine Ang aka Babi! :)

I was quite shock and a little surprise when she called and asked me to come out of my house.
I was like ???

And then she handed me something, saying that it's her good luck charm for me so that I can get into university!
How sweet right! :')

But as of now, I got rejected by both the universities I applied for and I've appealed to them, currently still pending.
Awaiting news~

Best is my appeal is successful, or worse comes to worst, go SIM.
Already applied for SIM as a back up, but the thing now I am scared that SIM will reject me because of space availability, since I applied quite late.
Won't lah hor? :(

And btw if you're wondering, no, her good luck charms is not some amulet/bells/wind chimes, it's the Patrick softtoy you saw I posed with at the top of the entry!
Aww! One more Patrick to add to my collection at the back! :)
Check out my Patrick bedsheet Mum bought for me one random day too!

Patrick softtoys are hard to find okay!
Plus it's better than the teapot set (click to see the teapot set, last photo in the entry) she got me for Christmas!
And what's more is that this Patrick is filled with blessings from a good friend! *touched*

Thanks Babi Ang for the good luck charm, really hope it can bless me into a good university because my future seems kinda bleakkk now! Hahah!

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