Monday, July 25, 2011

#441 - Shopping

Went shopping with Yili the other day! :)

Spamming of photos in this entry!

Dinner at RamenPlay for the first time!
Not that nice leh! :(

I can has long arms! :D


Her expression says it all!

My spicy ramen with gyozas for sides.
The ramen taste like maggi mee seriously! (N)
Only nice thing is the egg!

Yili's shoyu ramen with some takoball for sides!
Okay only also.

What a disappointing meal! :(

Went to shop at 313@Somerset!
Saw this top I love but didn't get in the end, now I really feel like getting it!!!

So Imma spam photos of it here.
Nice not???

In the toilet attempting to take a passport photo for my student card! #fail

Started making stupid faces since it failed.

I get amused by myself sometimes! :P

Ending this entry with spammage of photos again! ;)

Love my new nude sandals!! Imma wear them to school almost everyday! :)

We spent a super long time inside the toilet taking photos ok!


Alright that's all!
Blog again soon! :)

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