Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#442 - Short Meet Up with May

Headed to Smoochiezz Showroom with May the other day! :)

Don't ask me why my face so cui. :(

Mini China Glaze haul over there!!!
Happy happy with my new colours, will blog about them in another entry. :)

Headed to Wan Chai HongKong Tea Room to chillax before heading home.
Service there was really bad. (N)

Love the iced milk tea there though, got vanilla icecream one!

Prawn paste chicken wings, which would taste better if it wasn't that oily. :S

Okay gifs love!!!
 *coughs* Idk why most of my friends are so cheekopek looking. *coughs*

Okay 'prettier' photos to redeem ourselves! :)

 I am beginning to love my dimple (well sometimes)! ;)

Hehe blog again soon!! :)

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