Thursday, July 28, 2011

#443 - Mini Nail Accessories Haul

Mini nail accessories haul!

Bought these stuff at different places and decided to combine them into one entry! :)

First time getting/trying China Glaze and I got five pretty colours at one go!
Out of which, 4 of them were those I wanted long ago!
So I was super happy when I spent money on these babies that day. :D

In case you're interested, colours are:
(From L-R)
Flyin' High, IV, Four Leaf Clover, Gelato and Turned Up Turquoise (Neon).

Got this together with the China Glaze polishes as well!
Can act as base coat, top coat and nail strengthener! :)

Got some nail brushes as well from another place.

Have yet to try them out so am still quite excited about using them. Heheheh.

And something cute arrived at the mail a few days ago!
Warning: Major spammage of cute photos!

Hello Kitty nail art stickers! ♥

Of course I didn't buy them all lah!
Some of them are Lynette's, it's just that we ordered them together! :)

Click on respective images to see their clearer versions.
Dk why they look super blur when in the current size. :(

Some of you may be thinking Shufen and Hello Kitty = no link one since HK is super girly.
Well actually I bought the stickers because of the flowers! :D
Too lazy to use the brushes I've to paint the flowers one by one!

So pretty and cute right?
Bet you can't resist it too! :)

I is happygurl92!

Alright, that's all, blog again soon!
Meanwhile click the advertisements if you see any! ♥♥♥

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