Monday, August 1, 2011

#444 - The Chronicles of SS (Collecting Her Free Phone)

Part 4: The Phone

Gosh I was browsing through my camera album only to realise I totally forgot about my last Chronicle of SS (Collecting Her Free Phone).

Then I pondered a bit whether to blog it or not cause it's like wayyyyy overdue but then I thought all stories should have an ending so I just post lor. #crapreason

Anyhow, this is my LG Optimus 7, a Windows phone (which I gave to my brother for a very long and lazy to explain reason)!

 *cues applause*

This chronicle gonna be very anyhow because I am sunburnt and tired and whatnots.
More of photos less of words!!!

*attempts to flaunt nails*

Okay show you the difference between my phone and the optimus one! #Iishardworking

Ownself take photo without using self timer! :)

 Hehe alright what an abrupt ending to this chronicle!

Update soonzxzx! :)

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