Wednesday, August 3, 2011

#445 - Gifs with/of Helios

Gifs again! With/of Helios this time round! :)

The first 4 was taken during Fish & Co.'s outing.

Remaining gifs were taken when we went to Marina Barrage a few days ago. :)

A series of jumpshots!

Sorry I can't help but make this gif below.
They looked really funny, no? ;)

Some hadouken thing.
Look at Boon Yang (on extreme right) hahahahha!!!

Lynette laughing at the photos taken!

Wait, don't go yet!
You think that's all?

I got one bonus gif to share!

Wait for it...

It's definitely worth the wait! :P

Ta-daa!!! :D
(I hope Jayson doesn't kill me when he sees this)

HAHAHAHAHA of all gifs actions, I think nostrils twitching is the (Y) one lor!!!

Bye! :)

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