Saturday, September 17, 2011

#458 - My Broken Nail

Hello all.

Don't judge this entry by its title for if so, I'd sound like some bimbo.
It's not about those regular 'I have long nails and one of them just broke' kinda thing.

Just a ranting entry and also to record down my first time... *coughs* :)

If you don't already know because you don't follow me on Twitter (why haven't you?!) and add me as a friend on Facebook why haven't you?! Currently only accepting friend requests from people I know or friends of friends), I have to live with this set of 'pedicure' for months because... you can see from the photo, I broke my toenail.

I hope I don't get sick of my nail pattern which I did it myself since this injury will confirm not heal within these few months.
And actually I am quite happy I painted my toenails because I wouldn't have to see the blood and flesh and whatev underneath.

So, it happened on one fateful day on 16 September 2011, where I kicked the lecture theatre staircase's steps hard and nearly fell.
I thought I was lucky enough to keep my balance and not fall then I looked down and realised one of the nails was broken.

So I started crying in school. Yes like madz.
Tears just flowed and flowed.

And to clarify, I wasn't crying because I was in pain, it was due to shock that it broke and also because I have never broken a nail at the nail bed area before in my whole 18 years and near 9 months of my life. :'(

Photos for those who are interested to see the damage done:
*cues OUCH*

Anyway something random: I was super looking forward to seeing my mum's reaction towards the broken nail when I reached home yesterday, no idea why.
And I got super whiny and whatnots and my mum refused to entertain me.
She told me it's nothing much and how she broke her whole toenail and had to pluck the whole thing off and it's not painful yadayada. :(

So I turned to my brother and whined and whined.
And he actually went to tweet for help from his friends and google on how/what to deal/do with a broken nail.
*1 2 3* Say AWWWWW. :')

Dad was worse, he told me to remove my nail polish!!! O.O
I think I would not be here typing this entry now if I did what he said, because I would have died of pain.
In case you don't know, nail polish removers contain some sort of Idk what alcohol acid whatev shiat that will make any cuts or injuries sting like mad!!!

This is how I survive a shower with a broken toenail. It works in keeping the water away.

 And this is how I bandage my toe before I sleep because I imagine what it'd be like if the broken nail gets tangled with my furry blanket and then as I struggle to get them untangled then the nail dropped off halfway showing my flesh and whatnot and I went ahhhhhhh.

Okay I think too much sometimes I know.

Used cotton pads to replace gauze and scotchtape to replace those masking tape because I don't have gauze nor masking tape at home.

And if you are wondering what did I apply to my nail for healing, I am using coconut oil, a family remedy!
My godmother once broke her whole nail before and she applied that and it healed fast, my mum too.

So I hope this broken nail heals fast enough.

Pray for me, people.

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