Tuesday, December 20, 2011

#486 - Helios BBQ Gathering

Ohai, I finally got the photos from the respective people and can finally blog this entry!

Helios BBQ at Panda's house was a blast!!

Thank goodness I don't drink yo!

It's EPICENOKI time!!! :D
Damn my mouth is watering just looking at these photos!

We love food! :)
"What? Don't judge us yo!"

Not trying to sound like a pervert but Panda's right leg looks nice here, lol.

Then the seniors gave us a watermelon to break.
They say it's a tradition. ._.
Video later!

Then we had a surprise for Lynette since it's her birthday the next day at the end!

They decided to dunk Teck Kian into the pool!
Some unlucky ones got dragged in as well. *evilsmirk* 

With love, Helios ♥

PS: Photos credits to Yanjie and Lynette.

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