Wednesday, December 21, 2011

#487 - Mint Museum of Toys Part 1

A day before my birthday, I had two surprises.
One was that I went to Mint Museum of Toys.

I have been wanting to go there for agesssss so you can guess how happy and excited I was! :)
I am so easily contented.

I have too much photos taken thus I am gonna split them into 2 entries.
Gonna be a little dry unless you're genuinely interested in toys from the past!

Took the lift up to the last storey and slowly walked all the way down. :)
Reminds of LMFAO.

Super sexaye eyebrows!

This figurine looks super scary and I dare not walk close to take a clearer version of it for fear it may start moving and attack me. #wildimaginations
Reminds me of the Insidious demon.

A quick search at Google got me this:

Apparently I am not the only one who found them looking alike. :X

Evil looking Bugs Bunny. :/

A walk down memory lane...
He used to be one of my favourite characters when I was younger. :)

Venturing into the Batman area!
Robin looks as though he is holding his pee. :X

 Read this!


And then that very day, I found out that ultraman is not that tall!!!
Almost the same height yo! ;)

Alright, enough photos for today, probably blogged about Part 2 soon!
Till then, click all the ads!
Especially the Fragrance Bak Kwa one! :)

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