Monday, December 26, 2011

#490 - Advanced Christmas Lunch Buffet at Plaza Brasserie

Christmas was yesterday and exactly a week ago, my uncle organised an advanced Christmas lunch buffet for us!

Place was 
at PARKROYAL Hotel @ Beach Road.

Reached there early (surprisingly although there were SMRT breakdowns that day) so there was nobody yet thus I had the chance of taking photos of the food available!

Ohai. :)

What I ate was not worth what I paid that day.
Super :(.
Their pratas are nice, especially the chocolate ones. :D

Love the french baguette, super nice with butter.
Who the hell eats that during buffet?
Yours truly!!!

Idk what this caviar-lookalike thing is but it taste weird. D: 

Chocolate Fondue and Desserts!!!

Food of other cousins!

Towards the end, we all got full and bored and got entertained by this cute nephew here, Aayden!
He's super fascinated with the shiny sparkling wrapping paper! :D

0:55 1:18 1:29 1:42 2:01!!! Super cute!

No contacts for me that day because they were uncomfortable when worn.
Super not used to seeing myself in specs!

Can't help having kinda pakjiao eyes when I am not wearing specs/contact lens. :/

Guess which one's my brother lolol!

Shimin and her lovelove, Norman. :)

Ending off with another group shot! :)

Details if you're interested (click name for link):
Plaza Brasserie
7500A Beach Road
PARKROYAL on Beach Road
Singapore 199591
Tel 65055710

PS: Note to self, next time, never blog about food entries in the middle of the night. *stomach growls in agreement*
PPS: And see my previous entry leh, the lights so chio one!!! Must see!!!

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