Thursday, December 29, 2011

#493 - Singapore Flyer

All these was on my birthday, straight after I went to my toy museum came lunch/dinner and then omg surprise surprise!!!
Singapore Flyer!!! :D :D

Lunch/dinner at Pizzahut.

Their meatballs got super cheesy and yummy suddenly!!!

Love this! :)

All mine... ;)
Just kidding!


It was raining that day and thus we settled at Popeyes and ordered a super not worth and not nice strawberry shortcake. :X
This is called a Spork. :)

Entered the flyer place and then we had to walk through a long tunnel with random facts about the Singapore Flyer.

Took a video! :)

Nearing the capsule...

Different kind of capsules! :O

On board the capsule!

Below are spammage of the views I see.
Skip if uninterested! :)

Trying out miniature effect! :)

Highest point of the flyer at that moment.

Omg look at the shop name at the Singapore Flyer! :O

Dinner was at Ayer Rajah Food Centre where I finally settled my kebab craving!
Mutton!!!! *slurps*

They look normal from behind. :)

Charms from Singapore Flyer souvenir shop, now hanging with my house keys! :)

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