Sunday, January 15, 2012

#503 - Baking/Daiso

Hi! :)

Some things to share before I start:

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If you followed me on Twitter or added me on Facebook, you'd have known I baked last night!
Yes using my new oven and baking for the first time!!! :)

I don't know why I feel so excited as I typed this.

My cookies were weird by the way, tell you more below!

*sheepish grin*

Flipped to the back and you'd see M&Ms! :)

Okay as I was saying, my cookies were weird.
In the dough sense.

They aren't the moldable kind. :(
I bought like stars and hearts shaped cookie cutter which couldn't be used at all.

See my batter and you'd know...

 Nevertheless, they look fine and are still edible. ;)
And I managed to cut them when they finished baking since some of them were still soft (they hardened towards the end).

 Not bad for a first time hor? ;)

Got some of the baking items like eg. cookie cutters from Daiso!
Planning to head down to Phoon Huat soon as many of my baking friends recommended!
There're definitely more stuff to get over there! :)

Speaking of Daiso, I bought miscellaneous stuff again from there. #whatsnew

Caramel Corn!
Got all except the almond one just for the sake of it. :P
Me no lurb almondzxzxz.

 I can't read japanese nor guess what flavour is this (pie/cake?) but I just got it because it states Limited Edition or somewhere along the lines!

 I never eat before...

Another of the useless buys. :P
Use for fun, maybe it'd work?

I got something real cute also albeit it being a little useless...
But I was thinking maybe can use it to put eyedrop/contacts solution or something.
Wait for it...

Worth the wait...


A while more...

 CUTE OR CUTE! *squeals*
Love all the animals here!!! :) :D

They have another version that is vehicles one, but I find them not that nice/cute as these!

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