Saturday, January 21, 2012

#504 - Nails/Rainbows

Ohai, school has made me busy like a bee!!

Thank goodness CNY is round the corner and I can take a short break! :)

Was busy sorting the photos I took using my camera and decided to upload some recent ones!

 Bi Bim Bap for dinner the other day!

 And Pepper Lunch yesterday! :)
 Didn't even reserve seats in the first place. HAHA.

 Curry Chicken Pepper Rice with Cheese set meal which was okay only.
Drink + Mashed potato for sides! :)

 Drain choked and rainwater couldn't get in at my house's busstop! 


As I've said, CNY is coming and as usual I don't feel the mood.

I am just thinking what nail colour/pattern to paint for the New Year!

Most of these were taken with my handphone!
But no inspirations just yet! :/
Might do a french though, like the last photo above!

Have to decide and paint latest by tmrw or I'd have naked nails for CNY. :(

Anyhow, did you see the rainbow just now!!!

Here's some photos!
Couldn't decide which ones were nicer so I uploaded all! :)

 Seeing them makes me so happy for no reason! :)
Rainbow(s) after the rain, the rain makes me emo and the rainbow(s) makes me happy again!

A photo of my face in case anyone misses me. :P
And yes, this was taken in the toilet!


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