Saturday, February 11, 2012

#513 - Food As Motivation #3 - Eighteen Chefs

Been long since I meet Raine for a Food As Motivation trip!

Third trip only and this time we headed to Eighteen Chefs! :)

This is one restaurant where you can create your own cheese baked rice/pasta/cheesed baked pasta by choosing the sauce and a topping you want!

We had student meals which consist of our own creation, iced lemon tea, and ice cream (which we totally forgot in the end)!
SGD7.40 nett and their helpings are huge!
Add one more topping at SGD2.50 and get another topping free.

 Iced Lemon Tea
Love the jug! :)

 Raine's pasta with tangy tomato as sauce and scrambled eggs for topping. :)
Love the sauce!

 Yours truly's cheese baked rice with creamy white for sauce and scrambled eggs for topping.
Added on mushrooms and chicken sausage. :)
I felt that the rice wasn't that nice leh!
Like eating white rice since the sauce didn't mix/seep into the rice! :/
Toppings were great though! :)

 Double Cheese Bolognaise Fries (SGD6.50)
 Not bad. :)

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
Eighteen Chefs (their food prices are not updated)
302 Tiong Bahru Road
Tiong Bahru Plaza #02-K1/K6
Singapore 168732
Tel 62720961

Caught 'We Not Naughty' later and then saw Zann at the cinema's toilet.
Small world hahaha!
And me love love Shawn's nose.
Plus he so cuteeeeeee. <3

Series of camwhore pics alert!

This Raine asked me to help her take photo which she can use for her profile photo!

Cause we were bored while waiting for my bus to come!
 We love love our nostrils! ;)

Update this space again!
Till then, click the ads and bye! :)

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