Monday, February 13, 2012

#514 - Syahirah's Birthday Celebration

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Heyyo!! :D
We, SHRIMS SS girls went to celebrate Syahirah (Sourheart)'s birthday last Friday at Clementi Mall! :)

Headed to threading with Yili first.
Me didn't thread though!

Sneaked a photo and got stopped a while later. :P
Business there was super good!!

 Dinner was at Fish&Co.!

 Fish&Co. is really generous with their sauces! :)

Gossips, catch ups and whatnots. <3

With the birthday girl!

Sang until ice cream melted. :P

Prize presentation with Guest-of-Honour yours truly HAHAHAHA.

Chillax at CCK Park! :)

Series of camwhoric photos alert!
Sourheart was so proud of this photo but I am like "What's the gap for?"


Siao one, Idk what's with my right hand!
Wing Chun??

Vai are we so cute!!! LOLOL.

Helping Yili to take a photo profile pic worthy!

Taken with May's iPhone!

 KNS, yours truly always holding the camera so ended up being the fattest face of all. :(

"It's hard when you always have to be the strong one. No one ever notices when you're not okay."
I feel obliged to insert some emolicious quote here... :/

Sorry I just had to post this to scare you guys.
I am scared by it too. :B

Had fun that day!
Till then, click the ads! Hehe. :>

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