Saturday, July 21, 2012

#548 - Meet Up with Cousins

Doing some intensive blogging these days because I have so many photos to upload now that I got my new SD Card Reader, and I also want to look back at these memories when I read my archives next time! :)

Finally had a cousins' meet up that day!

Had dinner at Just Acia!

Awesome catching up and I don't know why, whatever I did, they all kept finding them funny and laughed.
But nevermind, I like it when people are happy/laughing at what I said, at least it shows I am humorous? HAHAHA.
According to Pei Wen, I am their Pistachio, 开心果! :)

 Just Acia's chawanmushi is super love! :D

And we had the free flow soft serve ice-cream which ended up with me being the joke of the day again.
Long story of whatever happened at the soft serve machine but look at my good and bad examples of soft serve ice-cream in the cups!
First try was an epic fail and the ice-cream even fell onto my hand!
Second was goooooood! :D

 Chilled at SOTA! :D
Accidental cool effect!



Hope to meet up again soon, sleepover at Shi Min's crib maybe? :)

PS: I will upload the rest of the photos on Facebook soon kayyy?

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