Tuesday, July 24, 2012

#549 - Harry Potter™: The Exhibition

Harry Potter™: The Exhibition with Shu Lian the other day (I wonder how many "the other day" I am going to type)! :)

Well, it was nothing fanciful. So-so only and the merchandise are super expensive!
Thank goodness I went out with the right person, manage to stop myself from buying this freaking chio time turner necklace which costs $120!
I must be crazy but that time turner is really super damn freaking chio!!! *.*
Settled for a Ravenclaw pen instead!
Ravenclaw not Gryffindor because the design/colour chio-er. :B

Both of us were super hungry by then (late afternoon without breakfast or lunch in our stomaches) and then we settled for Din Tai Fung.
Mediocre food ehhh. D:

Only look good.

It's a lot for two people IKR.
Haha it seems like everytime I go out with Shu Lian, we'd eat a lot.

Take for example the F.A.M. trip to Marché!
Read it here!

 Bought Gong Cha and spent the afternoon away (window) shopping like taitais going into almost all those high end brands shops in MBS.
First time in my 19 years of life entering such shops.
Conclusion: They're not for me! HAHAHA.

 "But I really want that classic Return to Tiffany™ necklace/bracelet..."
(LOL candid shot while waiting for our GongCha and I thought it kind of fits the caption above. ;))


Headed to Gardens By The Bay since we were nearby! :)

Hot day plus lots of people since it recently opened only!

Putting le shades to good use! ;)
Wanted to take a photo with MBS but lens not big enough arms not long enough. #fail

Trying to fit the MBS into her iPod Touch lens.

The sky was super clear that day!
And the cloud looked like a dragon's head hor hor hor?

Anyway, I found Gardens By The Bay quite boring...
And to get up there on those weird looking tree-like trunks, you have to pay!
Not worth it I guess. :X

Shopping later at 313@Somerset!

Spent like nearly an hour at NewLook, excited to see all those rompers.
But left feeling sad. :(
All the rompers were like UK10 and above = too big for me = nothing to get.

But they are all like super duper chio canzxzxzx.

Oh well.

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