Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#550 - Impromptu Supper with SHRIMS SS Extended

Short kinda impromptu meet up for supper with le shrimmies on a Friday night! :)
That was when we decided on a Road Trip/USS outing (which just happened last Thursday/Friday and was great)!

 Lol and I kept asking the guys if my face became rounder and they were like looks the same lehhh.
HAHAH thanks uhh!

But not bad ah, iPhone's front camera made it look as though I have a sharp chin! :D

 One with Yili's Samsung Note and then edited with filters and then instagrammed. :D


Super love spending nights out with the people I love, enjoying yummy food and talking about anything under the sun without worrying about how fast time passes.
More meet ups like this soon please? :)

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