Friday, July 27, 2012

#551 - Nightmare

I feel the need to record down the nightmare I had last night, so here goes..

Disclaimer: Some part of the dream are quite logical whereas some are super illogical. Read later and you'd know.

So the setting was at this very weird old village looking place, I was in a camp with.. Strawhats. HAHA. I don't know why dreams these days always have them inside. And so yeah, in the dream, I was getting back my phone, which was being charged, from Junye (this part logical because I am always charging my phone and always asking Junye for cable so that I can charge my phone) Okay so moving on, I got back my phone and the battery was still like super duper low lahh.

Then I left with a friend, let's just call him X. I left with X and then we walked a super long journey, passing by a deserted market, a hawker centre and even a large air conditioned open area something like you see at the big space at Esplanade. There were weird people walking around, weird as in they were laughing very funnily, either that, or they look like they've lost their souls. :/

Okayy, so then X and I came to a room and it was like those village olden days setting. There was a mattress lying on the floor and X started sleeping right away. -_- And then suddenly a super duper cute baby popped by next to him and somehow I knew I had to take care of him (the baby). So I started playing with the baby (so cute, big eyes and whatnot) and then suddenly I feel the urge to leave the place and go back to where Junye and the rest were.

So I left the baby there with a sleeping X and then dashed out, walked all the way back to the place where I was first at. There was nobody. I was quite scared already. By then, my phone battery was already flashing red (which is damn logical because it is always like this). Then I was on panic mode and tried to Whatsapp X and amazingly he replied like damn fast BUT because of my low battery, I couldn't read his messages!! WHUTTTT.

Then the illogical part came when I suddenly found myself in a shopping centre inside this weird lift which is actually a ship suspended in mid-air and it just moves up slowly while moving left to right as well. We have to ride it to get to the different levels and then alight from the sides. And the weirdest thing is, it is also a theme park ride and has this camera at the side which captures your expression and at the end of the ride, you could go develop the photo captured. -_- And I kaypo went to take a look at the photos. It was in this room and then it was quite dark lahh. Then you know usually they will put some photos around for like preview etc. Guess what photos were being hung there?? Strawhats FOC photos!! WTH HAHAHAH right?!

Oh and then I was 'transported' back to the weird place and I was so so so freaking out and scared because slowly by then a lot of those soul-less looking people have gathered in their small groups! I looked around frantically for any sign of Strawhats or anybody I knew and there was none!! That feeling, omg. It still gives me chills when I think of it. Helpless. Lost. All alone in an unfamiliar place. T_T

Okay then the people who gathered in groups started acting like damn weirdly. They were chanting weird stuff and then blowing these tube-like thingy and there was fire coming out from it oneee. :( The sound was quite freaky lahhh, imagine people constantly blowing in your ears. Yepps, that exact sound.

And I think by then I was aware it was all a nightmare and I wanted to like wake up from it.

So you know what happened the moment I wake up and open my eyes?!
I freaking saw a black guy in some ninja suit standing at the edge of my bed and he was also carrying the tube-like thingy, and this time smoke was coming out from it. -OMG I am resisting the urge to spam vulgarities here-

Then all these thoughts went through my mind. I was like: "Fuck, am I gonna die? Omg omg how did he enter my house?? How come he is here? Why do I feel like my eyelids are getting heavier? Is that some sleeping gas? Is this something like Battle Royale? I shouldn't breathe. I shouldn't inhale the gas. I should pretend to doze off. I don't wanna die so sooooon. I still haven't do a lot of things yet. I am not willing to leave just like this." The list goes on. Then half the time I was like forcing my eyes open because I was so damn scared I'd die just by sleeping like that.

And then the black guy left my room. I was like "Noooo. He's gonna kill my family." :'(

-okay at this part I was crying already- AND walau eh, I recalled the nightmare and then got scared and am also crying as I typed this. -_- 活该 I know you'd say, but I felt I had to record this down.

Yeah and so, I freaking got 'cheated'. Because that was a false wake up lahh!!! :( So after the black guy left part of the nightmare, I really finally woke up. And then I burst into tears.

Okay the end.

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