Monday, July 30, 2012

#552 - Roadtrip with SHRIMS SS Extended

Oh hey, what ya looking at?

Hahahaha, I still have loads of outdated entries not yet done, some photos are with friends so I shall make do with what I have first.

Roadtrip one fine night with le shrimmies!! :)
Crazy night, we rented a MPV and then went around Singapore for fooooooooood.
So fun to be doing such things with fun people!!

This is us meeting at Mac with me busy camwhoring with the front camera while discussing!!

 My teeth very white I know. :P

 Troll roger!

 Lol then we started talking about what we brought then May and I were like "I brought perfume because I scared I stink later!"

My incanto shine!
May commented that I want to bathe in perfume! LOLOL.

Off to the toilet (to camwhore) first before boarding the car we rented! Girls!!!

Off to get into the car which Roger parked at the shopping centre's carpark! :)
Like never see car before... :X

Picked up Yunhui and Isaac along the way and then headed to the first stop we decided on earlier at Mac: Chomp Chomp Food Centre! :)

Along the way~
I is very de brave, bare face with no concealer!!!
One word: cui. ._.

Drinks/Food we ordered! :)
Unable to take a nice photo of the stingray when it was presented to us like this. :/

Huge jug of sugarcane which was mediocre~

Something cropped up halfway during dinner, Roger had to go back to Tengah Air Base to settle something, then we had 'nowhere' to go so we dropped by to... MSE Espace!
What a perfect place to go to, since it was near the place where Roger was at and also it's 24/7 with free flow drinks and games!

First thing first, all went toilet!
Guessed it's the sugarcane! :P

Poor Isaac (only guy left since Roger went to settle his stuff) had to wait alone outside while we camwhored AGAIN. :D

Held the camera so long yet no one's ready hence the crazy expressionsss. :D

We played Pictionary while waiting for Roger to be done!
I was... busy charging my phone/taking photos/making hot chocolate for them! *ayg*

The photographer that day was so willing to take risk, standing so tall just to take picture-perfect photos for everybody. *pats self on the back* ;)

 Le hair started to curl on the right side already. Mehhh. :(

 Roger contacted us later and then we were like woohoooooo!

All of us were craving for some dessert then we headed to Geylang for durians BUT we couldn't find them somehow or something so we headed to the 24/7 Swensen's outlet over at Holland Village!
There was some 1 for 1 promotion going at $9.80 if I didn't remember wrongly! :)

 Next entry would be about the next morning where we went to USS for a day of fun!

Some sneak previews! :D

 Alright, blog again soooooon! :)

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