Monday, August 6, 2012

#553 - Universal Studios Singapore with SHRIMS SS Extended

Oh hey! :)

Finally got the photos taken during Universal Studios Singapore (USS) trip with le shrimmies up here!
140+ photossssss! :o)

It was a perfect day with the perfect weather to be at USS!
Yes, and this was the day after our roadtrip!
Most of us didn't sleep at all!
Power! (Y)

Damn good weather IKR! :D

Had breakfast in the car and then drove to USS! :)

Walked a bit and then we arrived!

I was all smiles on that day because I felt really happy and trouble free! :) :D
Feels as though I escaped reality for a while!
And perhaps it was due to the lack of sleep which made me quite high?

Here we go!
Braided my fringe so it wouldn't get in the way! :)

There were very little mascots despite it being a Friday!
First mascot we saw was Kungfu Panda!

The rest were walking super fast (guess they were more excited about the rides than absorbing the whole atmosphere and admiring the displays lol) while I lagged behind snapping photos with random stuff!
Thank goodness May was lagging with me too, so we could help each other take photos!
Hahaha. :)

I was like saying our bags' colours matches the postbox and we should take a photo together but the rest were so far away already and there was no one to help us take it!
Oh wells.

Love Syahirah (Sourheart)'s shades because I can check my reflection in it. HEHE. :D

Took a photo with the Madagascar's statues before going for its boat ride.
Starting with something mild first and slowly building up later. ;)

The wooden thingy at the back made me look as though I have 3 arms and one of them is saluting right??


Old uncle in the cute safari ranger uniform!

Before Madagascar's boat ride!
Omg my hair~
One side long one side short. :O


It was a 5 minutes boat ride and inside there were like all those Madagascar's figurines and they were all talking while the boat moved along.
Nothing much!

At the end of it...

In front of the carousel which we skipped!

Heading to the land of Far Far Away~

First somewhat thrilling ride.

I didn't expect it, thought it was some kiddy roller coaster ride and even scoffed at it when it started moving.
Then it started going up and I am like "This is nothing!".
HAHAHA and when it went down, I screamed madly. -_-
LOL but it was soooooooo fun!!!!

Accidentally change the mode on my camera and got this shot.
Pretty eh? :)

Shrek 4D after that!

The effects were so cooooool!! (Y)
*spoiler alert*
The seats could move when the horse galloped (as if you were in the carriage) and there was water sprayed at you when the donkey sneezed!

Taking photos with the figurines as usual (while the others just sat down and chilled), see below!

Then we headed to the Jurassic Park area!!

And we took this popular ride (wait time is 40 minutes as you can see but thanks to Syahirah and Shakilah, we took it in less than 5minutes, shall explain why later) which made us super wet but it was (Y) tooooo!
The plunge made my heart jump but it was worth it.
And I was the wettest of all!

Took the ride nearby it to dry ourselves off! :)

Very fun (okay I ran out of words to describe the rides already...) ride because our legs were hanging since the tracks were on top!!
BUT the saddest thing about this ride was it's ~1minute only!
Just when I thought "Hey this is really fun!", it ended. -_-

With enough warming up, we headed for the more thrilling rides!

This ride was scary because I didn't expect the plunge to be so deep!
I screamed like mad and the rest were like "I need earplugs." "I am not going to sit next to you next time." or laughing at my screams. :(
My heart ached a lot, I didn't dare to open my eyes 95% of the time and I thought if I can't scream, I'd die. LOL.

Some eyecandy to sooth the weak heart.
I don't know what character he is portraying but his nose is super nice, so I thought I'd take a photo. :D
His eyes are super nice also, blue colour oneeeeee.
Mum said I looked super short in this photo!
Ehhhh the guy is really tall okayyyy!

And omg we took the Human (red one) after that!

We were seated but the wait was quite longgggg and I got nervous and there was no backing out.
Haven't start and I was screaming liao. -_-
I was actually really scared because I know my heart confirmed ache like siao and Idk if I would die (say real one) but I thought "First time come USS MUST try ALL the rides, somemore this is one of the main attractions, die die also must go for it!"
And I am glad I did (and survived). :)

Decided to take a break from the screaming and went to take the Transformers ride first before going for Cylon (blue one).

The Transformers' ride was cool and it makes you really feel as though you were in the scenes BUT it was super duper dizzy.
Like motion sickness gaogao because the ride keeps moving in circles etc.


Went for the Cylon ride a while later (nearly back out near the queue area) and all I can say that albeit it being super scary, the mist during the plunge managed to calm me down and it was much more enjoyable than Human because of the airy feel due to the hanging of our legsssss.
The 360 degrees turn was NOTHING (yeah I said that) compared to those deep plunges on Human!

I am soooooo glad and proud I survived both the rides although my legs were kinda jelly and the world spinned a little while after that.

Took a rest from all the rides and walked around admiring the streets. :)

Series of camwhoring...
One of the photos looked familiar because it's my Facebook/WhatsApp display photo and also my blog header. :D
*ahem ahem*

Super cute headbands! :)
Anyway, heard there's gonna be a new Seasame Street indoor ride coming end of this year!
Read it here!

Went to this cool place where we witnessed how a scene of disaster or something!

So cool one, the doors started moving on their own then there was fire in the water.
YES. Real fire and we could feel the heat!

Amazinggggg, should have took a video of it mannnn!

Why am I always lagging behind.... Haha.

Headed to one of those shops selling soft toys and merchandise!

Cute right cute right!! :D :P

Left USS for dinner before going back for fireworks! :)

Went to return the car we rented and had dinner at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre! :)

Back to USS after that!

Saw Marilyn Monroe!
Took a photo, sorry I not as sexy as her!

We were there for the fireworks! :)

The rest went to take the Mummy ride again!
I was full from dinner and thus I waited!

Place looking so different at night!

Then fireworks display started!!
So pretty!!
Too bad I don't know my camera well to take pretty shots to show here! :(

I was super happy that day/night.
What I'd do to go back to it again.
Totally zero trouble feel.
Screamed my lungs out and released all the stress built up in me and forgot everything for a while.

Grinning from ear to ear, even feeling happy albeit having less that an hour of sleep for 2 days.
Those 2 days were nothing but fun, a trip filled with laughter and smiles, thanks to my beloved shrimmies. :')

Thanks to Syahirah and Shakilah for working there thus allowing us to take rides like straight away, saving so much of our time and money (express passes which are freaking expensive and can only be used once) and also being our tour guides for the day!
Thanks to Roger who drove us around without any sleep or complaints!
Thanks to everyone who made this whole trip possible.
Love y'all, xoxo.

More of such trips to come? ;)

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