Saturday, August 11, 2012

#555 - Food As Motivation #10 - Cafe Epicurious

Headed down to The Rail Mall today for my F.A.M. trip with Zann! :D

We had brunch at Cafe Epicurious! :)
A very chill and relaxed place which serves brunch on weekends!

Loving the vintage feel of the place.

Food! :D
 Half of this & Half of that: Green Egg & Ham/Egg Benedict (SGD16)
The Green Egg & Ham are actually scrambled eggs with basil pesto and prosciutto (parma ham, yes I Googled it)!
 Zann and I both agreed that this was the nicest one out of the three we had so far!
You could taste the leafy taste (if you know what I mean) from the basil and it was pretty nice!

Egg Benedict was so-so only, the poached egg was a little too cooked and the Hollandaise sauce lacks the zest. Think they added too little lemon juice. (Wahh, ayg already since I made Eggs Benedict and Hollandaise sauce -which tasted similar to the one at Privé Cafe before, maisiaosiao-, acting like some pro here)

Oh but the potatoes (they called it the home-fries) were gooooooood! :)

 Baked Eggs with Toast Soldiers (SGD14)
Highly raved online but I thought it was mediocre only!
For the Baked Eggs, the eggs yolks were cooked at the side of the bowl but in the middle, we could still see watery egg white inside.
Not sure if it's meant to be so watery.
But the cheese are a (Y).

Toast Soldiers were fragrant but they were so oily :(
Dipping them into the Baked Eggs' sauce complemented them though!

And yes, this set comes with home-fries too! :)

 Basil Pesto looking very similar to moss/algae you see on stones!! HAHA.

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
Cafe Epicurious
The Rail Mall
392 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 678046
Tel 68945926

Went out and camwhored at their Al Fresco area because the lighting was good! :D
No edits done to them!

After this photo, I was like "有必要蹲下来吗?"
Then Zann was like "Okay 我站起来!"

End up....
 Hair cut off. :X

我尽力了。:) :P

Happy day! :)

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