Monday, August 13, 2012

#556 - Shawn's Birthday Party

Finally got the photos taken during Shawn's birthday party from Lynette!
Uploading them here for memories sake! :)

Lol I know it's Shawn's birthday but there's a WHOLE lot moreeeee of my face in this entry.

With the birthday boy, Shawn! :)
Happy Belated Birthday now!!!

Theme was gibberish and we had to wear something blue/green/yellow so it explains the weird eyewear and whatnots below! 

 Le moustache is loveeeeeee. :D
 (No idea why my mouth always does that when I have the moustache on top of me)

 With the handsome boy, Fadli! :)

Shawn and his friends singing for us! :D

Chilled and had a short HTHT with Raine (Babi) at the roadside while waiting for someone to pick us up! :)

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