Monday, August 27, 2012

#557 - Out with the girls

Back after 2 weeks of absense!! :D

 Perhaps the only photos we took that day as a group that looks normal enough!

Went to Lacepipe's warehouse sale that day with the girls from Uni! :)
It was a loooooooooooooong wait and thus it explained for the series of shots that followed.
Can't stand it and wanna see food pics then have fun scrolling down. :D
PS: More shots of our faces AFTER the food pics. ;)

This photo..... ;)
Two ayg girls wearing shades when it's not even sunny lo!!! :P
The reason why I got this photo is even funnier. *smh*

大头娃娃 is me! :X
 I was trying to block Zann! :P

Sia Fong rest on my shoulder 到很爽!

The warehouse sale ah, really tested our patience. I can't believe we queued for hours!!
Thank goodness we all manage to get a thing or two before leaving. :)

Headed down to Old Airport Road Hawker Centre for dinner!
Famished due to the long queueing, thus explaining why we ordered SOOOOO much fooooooood.

 Food spam!! :D
*stomach growls*
 Sia Fong, "The so-so Char Kway Teow which I queued for super long..."
Haha when I got the Hokkien Mee, Oyster Omelette and Fried Carrot Cake already, she was still queueing for it!

You think that's all? :)


 Yes and 2 servings of drinks for each of us.

Btw, only the Fried Carrot Cake (don't know who ate the most. *coughs and stares at Zann*) and BBQ Sambal Stingray were worth it!!

Ate until super full, stomaches bursting and wanna puke. :X

Some photos. :D

 Sia Fong! :)

 Zann! :)

 Shu Lian! :)

Oh and I bought 51 beancurd back home for the family to try as well!

Verdict: Toa Payoh's beancurd still tastes the best!
Toa Payoh's beancurd >> 51 > LaoBan

Okay that's all!
Be back soon! ;)

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