Friday, August 31, 2012

#558 - Food As Motivation #11 - Yomenya Goemon Part 1

Finally a F.A.M. trip with this babi, Raine after so so so long!!! :)

 I suggested going to 313 @ Somerset as many of the restaurants on my F.A.M. list are there! :)
Decided to try this out in the end!

And yes, it was a right choice because the spaghetti were dopeeeeee. ♥♥♥

Dessert Set (SGD21.50)
Consists of Spaghetti (Regular size), Soup, Salad, Soft Drink and Dessert. :)
Raine had this, her spaghetti choice being Carbonara Chili Tomato Sauce with Bacon (SGD13.50 for ala carte)!
I had a mouth and it was yummmmmzzz. (Y)
Oh and their share is really huge and worth it so I think getting Regular should be sufficient! ;)

And the dessert, Souffle Cheesecake with Strawberry Icecream (SGD6 for ala carte) was not bad too, although the strawberries were sour!

Half & Half Set C - Vongole Bianco - Olive Oil & Carbonara with Yolk & Bacon (SGD20.90)
Served with Soup, Soft Drink or Dessert. :)

2 fixed choices (they have 3 Half & Half set) of spaghetti flavours to try!

The Carbonara with Yolk & Bacon... Omg perfection.
Way way better than Pastamania's!!
Creamy and salty enough and not jelak one!!! (Y)(Y)
You know I've never eaten any cream-based pasta that doesn't make me jelak de!!

And the Vongole Bianco - Olive Oil has got clams with no fishy taste!
Super fresh and yummss.
Endless goodness and I slurped my spaghetti and finished them real fast because they were soooo damn gooooooood! :D
It's really filling by the way so don't need to upsize!

There's ala carte for these 2 spaghettis too but I didn't catch the price!
I guess it's around the $13 - $15 range!

Oh and their spaghetti were all al dente! ^^

So awesome I went back yesterday to try the other flavours with the girls from uni, which explains the 'Part 1' in this blog entry's title! :)
Blog about that another day!

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
Yomenya Goemon*
313 Orchard Road
313 @ Somerset #01-14/15
Singapore 238895
Tel 67355725

*Do note that the prices for the spaghetti in the website are not really updated.

And we watched this later!
More of funny than scary scenes!
But I think this movie also aims to teach us some lessons/morales.
Like don't be greedy all these.
And some things really have a heavy price to pay.
Lazy to type out those cheem sounding sentences so yeaaa...

And this is random, but when I am blogging these, I checked back my F.A.M. archives and realised that out of the 4 times out with Raine for F.A.M., we ALWAYS watch a movie after that!
Wow, totally impromptu one!!
We are so cooool? Hahahaha. :)

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