Monday, September 3, 2012

#559 - The Lucky One

I got lucky twice this August! :D

Sorry I just got to blog about this! :)
Never in my life have I won such stuff y'know!

And to make y'all more rahhh, PMT stated (I quote) "The more you share, the higher the chance of winning!"
I only shared one photo! ;)

Oh and I finally changed my phone!
No more complaints of lousy battery life of my HTC ChaCha.
Bye, ChaCha, you were great while you lasted.
I am definitely gonna miss your keypad!!

Anyway here's my new phone, Samsung Galaxy S3!
Contemplating between this and Samsung Galaxy Note and got this instead for it can fit my wallet! :D

Retails at SGD498 with plan and I got it for SGD451!!
Because they had SGD47 off since it's Singapore's birthday month!

Can I consider this under one of my lucky stuff? ;)

Cheap covers as low as SGD2 at Beadstreetz, Cathay Cineleisure!
Don't say I never share! ;)

May this luck continues on and blooooooooooms in all aspects of life. X

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