Sunday, September 16, 2012

#564 - Georgie Lace Dress

Actually this entry has no purpose at all.
Gahh I just wanna whineee. Hee.

One week ago, I instagrammed a dress which I got my eyes on in two different colours.
I love them both and can't decide on which colour to get.

All of the girls chose white while majority of the guys chose black.
Clear difference uh.

While white gives off a pure and demure feel, black makes me look more mature and it's also more formal?

Went to Cotton On online store and apparently this piece is called Georgie Lace Dress.
It's SGD39.95, it's not really THAT worth it?

One week later, and after visiting 2 different branches of Cotton On on different days to try them on again, I left the shop empty handed. 

The back of the dress was super loose (you can fit an arm and there's still space), I tried S, XS and even XXS already and it's still loose.
I've no idea whyy.
Maybe my 前面不够大?:(

Haha in other words, no fate with this dress and I don't have to 头痛 about getting which colour!
But still, I really really love the cut of this dress lehhhh..

Update: I saw a dress at OhVola somewhat similar to this dress!

Should I get it??? :D

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